Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Pre-Order Policy

Every time CHA rolls around we get emails asking why we don’t do pre-orders? Well, here’s why. It’s mostly because we don’t trust manufacturing dates. We’ve been burned too many times by manufacturers telling us product will ship by this date and then 2 months later for whatever reason, it actually shows up. This can be due to manufacturing delays, slow boats from China (literally), customs, manufacturing glitches or any number of other reasons. And we don’t feel comfortable taking your money for a pre-order and holding onto it for months while you wait for product to show up. Plus, since we offer free shipping on everything in the store, it gets administratively complicated to manage pre-orders when they aren’t here but are counting towards your free shipping. And, I’m sure you don’t want to wait 2 months until everything is in stock before your order ships.

So, we’ve made the decision to not offer pre-sale of items. There are stores that do it but for our business model, only selling items that are available and in stock and ready to ship is how we do things! It’s the same reason why we never backorder items. If our inventory happens to be off for whatever reason when you order, you get an immediate refund, not a backordered item. Hope this helps clear up any confusion! And as always, thanks for reading and understanding. I always try to help customers understand why we do the things we do.  :-)

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