Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Minute Friday: Sweet Friend

Hello sweet friends!  This is going to be a short post today.  I’m having trouble typing because I lost an encounter with  a very sharp knife while trying to pry out an avocado pit day before yesterday.  My hand is pretty much out of commission for a while.  Luckily I made this card before the “Avocado Incident” as it shall now be know.  This card also counts for this week’s CAS55 CASE yourself challenge.

I used one of my favorite Lemonade Woolies and stamped the greeting from Chelsea Sentiments in Palette Pink Toile.  Tada! 

I got some new stuff in this week, including new Hero Arts sets so be sure to check then new section of the store. 

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for popping by!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

i {heart} copics design team call!

copicsthumb copy

As mentioned in the last newsletter (it was sent Saturday morning so if you missed it you can check it out here), to celebrate IHP now carrying Copics, we’ve started a new PaperCraftPlanet group called, what else?, i {heart} copics. And every good group needs an awesome design team. So, if you heart your Copics and think you have what it takes, please apply! Details on applying can be found here. But, don’t wait, the deadline to apply is Friday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Minute Friday: Hello Dear Friend Tree

Hello dear friends!  I have been SO busy entering goodies (mostly, Copics for the entire past week) into the store (there’s a lot of readying of items that haven’t arrived yet so that as soon as they get delivered they’re ready to go live for you!) that I’ve spent pretty much zero time in the studio.  Hopefully in another few weeks this rush will all pass and I’ll be back to posting more regularly.  I did manage to get a whole 5 minutes of crafting yesterday when it dawned on me that today was Friday and I needed something for Five Minute Friday!  Good thing it only takes 5 minutes! *grin*

So I started with a kraft base and stamped the big tree from the new Unity set, Could I Be Any Cuter? in Palette Burnt Umber.  I stamped the greeting (from the same set!) in Palette L’Amour Red.  I colored the tree with my Prismacolor pencils.  I added some red highlights with my candy cane Stickles for pop and a little shimmer.  Lastly I added a little felt embellishment from June Bug Woolies to draw some attention to the saying.

Thanks for popping in today.  Hopefully the weather will hold out for tomorrow morning and we’ll be able to Mr. Barbo on a pack walk.  There’s this stable in northwest NJ that offers their grounds every Saturday morning for huge dog walk.  I’m excited to walk with the pack!  The picture here shows one of Mr. B’s Valentine’s Day treats.  These cookies from Bubba Rose Biscuit Company (a local NJ company) are amazing.  They smell SO good – just like cookies you’d pick up at a human bakery - and are made with all human grade ingredients with no preservatives.  Anyway, he loved them!  And here he’s sporting his February bandanna.  He’s got one for every month, courtesy of John’s mom.  It was one of Barbo’s Christmas presents.  Teehee.

I’ll be back soon…I hope!  And, in case you missed (somehow) Wednesday’s big announcement….

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big announcement! Long post!

  I’ve been keeping a BIG secret from you…I apologize.  So big it took up 5 HUGE boxes that weighed 45 pounds each.  They were delivered today so I can finally share the news.

IHP is now carrying the full line of Copic Sketch markers and full line of various refills!  Isn’t that exciting??  I’m thrilled beyond belief.  And, when I ordered them at CHA they were “blessed” by the Copic Queen herself, Marianne.  Yup, it’s the equivalent of a Papal Blessing in the Copic world.  She wrote up the order and was convinced that I’d have to place a reorder in 2 weeks.  I sure hope she’s right!  *grin*

So, I’m excited.  I’ve even started a new group over on PCP just for Copic chatter and tips and fun!  You can join by going to i {heart} copics.   My new friend, Jana, is helping me over there.  We’ll be doing challenges (there’s one going on right now!) and all sorts of fun things so you should check it out!

A word about Copics and why I chose Sketch instead of the other available markers.

First the oval body of the marker is roll resistant on working surfaces. Personally I hate when my supplies try to escape from my by rolling away or hiding.  I have a hard enough time keeping my craft space clean!   HAHA!marker_sketch copy

Sketch markers are available in the widest color spectrum - 334  colors and refillable with the standard COPIC Various Inks.   They have a solid polypropylene body, which is both smooth and comfortable, for a perfect, controllable grip.   The precise and positive colored capping system provides for instant color selection when crafting.  What you see is what you get!  And, body inscriptions and symbols are wear resistant  - etched into the marker - and easily cleaned with COPIC cleaner.

Why Copic?
Well, besides being all the rage, they are simply the best.  Copic was first designed over 25 years ago for professional designers and artists and they haven't changed their ink formula since.  They are low-odor, acid-free alcohol-based, environmentally friendly and have a 3 year shelf life.  The body markings are embossed onto the pen so they won't rub off. And, not only can you color with them but you can airbrush with them too!

Why is alcohol based different than water based?
When water-based markers are layered and blended they tear up the surface of most papers. Alcohol inks do not harm the paper surface. They can be layered and blended on surfaces other than paper as well. Alcohol inks are waterproof and will not wash away.  Copic markers are filled with a dye suspended in alcohol and they become acid-free as soon as the alcohol evaporates.

They're expensive.  Why don't you mark them down?
Well, first of all, you get what you pay for.  Yes, they are more than a SU! marker or even some other alcohol markers but they are an investment and are truly the best out there.  You wouldn't walk into a BMW dealer and expect to get a car for the price of a Kia.  Secondly, we are selling the markers and the refills at the minimum allowed price by Copic.  Copic has a policy in place to prevent retailers from trying to brutally outprice each other which mandates the lowest possible price allowed.  We are following their rules and are happy to do so.  If we didn't follow their rules we would lose our right to sell their products.  There may be retailers out there who don't follow the rules but they have been cut off from Copic's distribution channels and once their inventory is depleted then they're done.  Plus, unlike most other stores (even ones that sell Copic exclusively) we have much lower free shipping minimums - only $50...most other places are at least $75.  Plus, when you shop at IHP you can pick up Copics and all sorts of other goodies.

How are they environmentally friendly?
Mostly because you never throw them away.  They are an investment but they will last you a lifetime.  Copic markers are refillable, with replaceable tips and the refill ink bottles are recyclable. Markers are actually filled with Ethanol, a form of alcohol that can be manufactured from plants. No animal products of any kind are used in either Copic markers or inking pens. 

What do you mean by Shelf Life?
Copic Markers and inking pens will not dry out if they are not used and the caps are securely closed. This is guaranteed for at least 3 years from Copic.

Should I store my markers Horizontally or Vertically?
Copic markers will work fine when they are stored either direction.

What surfaces do they work on?
Alcohol inks are permanent on many surfaces: paper, leather, wood, fabrics, plastic, faux fur, and more. On glossy surfaces, such as glazed ceramic and glass the ink can be scratched off, so use a sealant to protect the surface. Make sure that the sealant does NOT contain alcohol, ethanol, or any other form of alcohol as these will ruin your coloring.

Can you use them on fabrics?
A lot of quilters use the markers on wallhangings with great response. We don't recommend wearables, since the markers are alcohol based dye, a drink spilled on them might interact with your pattern, and some colors will bleed when washed- Copic is still testing mordants to prevent the deep reds/browns from bleeding.

Can you cross-contaminate markers?
Copic marker inks will not ruin other Copic markers. You can color directly onto other Copic marker tips and it will not discolor or ruin your marker. This is actually a good way to produce a nice color blend.

How long does the ink in the marker last?
This depends on what surface you are coloring on. Softer, more absorbent papers will suck your marker dry sooner than dense, tightly woven papers. The more you layer a color in one spot, the denser the color gets in that area so it won't cover as many sheets.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!  I know that most of my DT is thrilled!!  Just so you know, Copic is out of stock on a few colors but they will be arriving very soon.  If you have any other questions please post them here and I’ll do another post with those answers.

I’ve got a lot of other deliveries scheduled to arrive later this week so be sure to keep checking the new section of the store!  Thanks for stopping and sharing my excitement!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DT Challenge – St. Patty’s paper!

Hello! Today’s project is for our DT Challenge this month. I sent each person some Green Day Stripes paper and some coordinating ribbons, including white glimmer ribbon. I used my supplies to make a little acetate treat box. I used thin acetate for the box and some coordinating green cardstock for the top and bottom and was able to put this together in a snap using my Scor-Pal. I have the new Scor-Buddy on order and will be carrying them as soon as they’re available. They’re perfect for cardmakers and for smaller projects when your full sized Scor-Pal is just a little too big.

I used my circle scalloped Nesties to make the tag and created my sentiment with my Just Rite Small Letter Set, stamped in Palette Landscape and finished off with some yellow/gold gemstones. The box is all held together with our exclusive i {stick} papers redline tape (60 yard rolls, comes to 23 cents a yard…you can’t find a better price!)

Please go visit everyone else and see what they came up with:


In store news, I have decided to discontinue carrying Just Rite so my remaining inventory is deeply discounted and when it is gone, it is gone. You can check out the sale page of the store to see what is remaining.

CHA goodies have started to come in. I’ve been updating daily on our Facebook fan page so if you’re not a fan, go join us and you’ll get the latest news as soon as it is available! So far these things have arrived:

  • Flower Soft Ultra Fine
  • Our Craft Lounge (more still coming…a few sets weren’t available with the rest of the release)
  • Stampendous
  • ribbons and embellishments from Alexx Kesh including pompom trim, jute and some luscious herringbone ribbon
  • paper piercing templates
  • Graphic 45 8x8 collections
  • Unity February Stampin’ Store Kit of the Month
  • Unity CHA releases, which will NOT be for sale on their own site – only through retailers like me. (*BIG GRIN* I love when manufacturers support their retailers instead of trying to compete with us by selling their own products. One of the many reasons I {heart} Unity.)

There is PLENTY more coming. I think I’ve gotten 4 or 5 shipments notices for this week alone and there will be LOTS of goodies and some surprises…I promise!

You can always check the new page of the store. I’ve recently changed the way things are listed so that the newest items added/edited are at the very top of the list. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find things.

Thanks for popping in!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Minute Friday: Love Ewe

Happy Friday! Do you have any lovey dovey plans? Do you have a nice long weekend for Presidents’ Day?

Today’s card is another one layer card. I love the simplicity of just one layer and it makes it SO much easier to mail. I used Unity’s Love Ewe, stamped the sheep in Palette Noir and the greeting in L’Amour Red. I colored the faces with a Prismacolor pencil and then mashed (yes, that’s the official crafty term) Polar White Flower Soft on the sheep for fur. I love that it adds texture and a little shimmer. Speaking of Flower Soft, have you checked out the new section of the store lately? The new Ultra Fine Flower Soft is there and it is a must have!

Anyway, I finished off my card with a scrap of some sheer red polka dot ribbon wrapped around the top. Voila!

On a personal note, would you please take a minute to go and vote for Barbo in the Bissell MVP contest? Voting is only open until the 18th so please go now! The winner gets to donate $10K to their favorite pet charity and we would just LOVE to be able to give that money to Pilots 'n Paws to allow them to save more pups like Barbo. They do make you register to vote so they can make sure there's no voter tampering but it only take a minute. Please? Pretty please? What? My begging isn't enough? How about this? Go and vote and come back here and leave me a comment that you did (I'll be able to see the votes so be honest!!!) Everyone who does will get emailed a 10% off coupon to use during the month of March. Be sure to leave me your email address if you're not logged in when you leave your comment.

So thanks if you do...

Whatever you do this weekend I hope you enjoy yourself! Have a great one and thanks for popping by!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No time for stamping…

because I’ve been way too busy entering all the new goodies into the store!   I will be back tomorrow with Five Minute Friday because that is about all the time I’ve been able to squeak out in the studio.

In the meantime, check out the new Graphic 45 8x8 collections, the new paper piercing templates, new OCL sets (more coming next week too!), new Quickutz folders and new Unity stamps including the new February Life is Fabulous store kit!

There’s plenty more coming.  I’ll have a HUGE announcement late next week but in the meantime be sure you’re checking the NEW section of the store to see the latest and greatest!

Picture 114 (Medium)Oh, and we also had something like 15” of snow that I was digging out of.  Luckily it was perfect snow for building a snowman…so we did! 

I’ll be back tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Five Minute Friday: Always in my heart

Hello! The CHA goodies have started to trickle in. Be sure to check the NEW section of the store over the next few weeks to make sure you’re not missing anything! I’ve changed the design of the store so that things are listed in order of most recently updated instead of alphabetically. I hope this makes it easier for you to find things, especially in the new and sale pages. This was due to some requests that I got from the survey.

Today’s card is a very simple one layer card that uses Many Hearts stamped in Palette L’Amour Red and Noir. I then used my blender pen to color in the small hearts, went over them with my Clear Spica pen and added a little bling around the greeting.

In addition to the new CHA Unity that just came in (see the NEW page!), the February Unity Stampin’ Store kit should be here next week and it is ADORABLE!

Thanks for stopping in today! Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 90th birthday!

boatpoppop So last weekend while I was at CHA I missed a monumental event – John’s grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration. But, even though I wasn’t there, my handiwork was!

John’s PopPop is a boat builder by trade. He worked on the PT boats during the war and has been one of the top model boat designers and builders for many, many years. So it was only natural that his birthday theme would be nautical.

The event was held right on the water at a restaurant on the Jersey Shore and my good friend, DT member, newsletter editor and all around awesome person, Carolyn, made this boat cake for the event. She’s done cakes before but nothing this…err…tall. It was a challenge for sure and she did a fabulous job. It looked great and was super yummy! You can read more about the cake on her blog right here.

For my part, I made the invitation, memory cards and table place cards. Remember back when I showed you my Christmas cards? Well, I knew you’d placecard2see that design again. I used PTI’s Men of Life and Out To Sea sets. The invitation DP is Calm from Upsy Daisy. I used my Palette Burnt Umber, Seascape L’Amour Red, Prussian Blue and Charcoal for my inks. The memory cards were sent out with the invitations so people could write a little story about him and then they were read at the party. I’ll be taking them and making a scrapbook with them and pictures from the party. I made 4 different designs of place cards since there were 4 tables at the party and that way all the cards on one table matched.

So that’s it! Thanks for popping in today! See you again soon!