Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Confession: I am a bad blogger.

I'm a bad blogger. I know it! I promise I'll have a card for you for Friday. There's just been SO much stuff going on that I haven't had 5 minutes of stamping time. Here's a brief summary of the last week. We had the furnace serviced before the winter. Furnace gets condemned because it has a big rusty crack in the manifold and would most likely leak carbon monoxide if it were to be turned on. We need a new furnace. Yay. (Can you sense my sarcasm yet?) Then (same day), we realize that the sump pump is going off every 2 hours or so. But it isn't raining. And we're the only ones on the block. Call the water company. They send out a dude who turns off the water at the house and listens with his fancy dancy listening machine and exclaims, "It's rippin'!", meaning that we have a main water pipe that is cracked or broken or has a hole. Now, this is the pipe that runs from the city water by the curb under the front lawn to our house. Yay. (Can you send my sarcasm now??) So we've been praising the sump pump for its ongoing efforts to fight the broken water main pipe and keep all that water out of our house. So far, so good. We've got a backup pump in case this one burns out.

So...4 furnace estimates later we finally have a new furnace. It was installed this morning. The water main is supposed to be replaced on Friday, assuming that Tropical Storm Nicole doesn't completely do us in tomorrow and kill the sump pump. times here.

On a positive note, CHA deliveries are still rolling in. I just finished uploading a ton of new Zva mini roses, bling and pearls. Yummy stuff! Copic Sketch markers and Various refills are fully stocked and the swatch book is also back in stock.

I've got the upcoming MME paper lines on order already and a few more goodies up my sleeve.

We're working furiously on preparing for the Birthday Bash in October as well as getting ready for the new Chicken Girl release and Mint Motif release (2 new sets). So, it's going to be a busy, busy month! And, don't forget, the design team call for Mint Motif ends on Friday! Get your applications in! Missed my post? Read about it here.

So, forgive me for my bad blogging? It'll all be worth it! *grin*

See you Friday! Thanks for reading!

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