Wednesday, November 24, 2010

900 and thankful!

900Last night…err…early this morning,  we hit 900 fans on the Facebook page (with the helps of lots of dedicated fans and the girls over at Unity’s FB page!).  This is monumental and I am so incredibly honored that so, so many of you are traveling this amazing journey with me…some old and many new.  And I am so appreciative for EACH AND EVERY ONE of you. 

I started IHP a little over two years ago – leaving my pseudo-successful direct sales stamping behind me and starting on this new path.  I’ve learned so much and met so many amazingly talented and wonderful friends along the way.  You have no idea.  My design team members, art designers, manufacturers & their reps, other store owners and so many more. 

And my customers – YOU.  Each of YOU.  I am speechless really.  You have touched my heart and supported me in ways I would never have imagined 3 years ago when this idea of opening a store started kicking around in my little brain.  This year alone I have had the pleasure of serving 989 UNIQUE customers.  To date, I have filled 3645 orders (with only 5 of them being casualties of the USPS!  HAHA!  And yes, I replaced them in case you were wondering!)  YOU are absolutely why I do this.  You are the {heart} of i {heart} papers and I just wanted you to know how THANKFUL I am for you.

There are so many stores out there – brick and mortar and online, yet you choose to come to me time and time again.  I am humbled and grateful.

So…happy Thanksgiving to my US followers and thank you to everyone. 

If you want some Black Friday sneaks read on:

What’s coming up?  I will be having an unprecedented coupon sale beginning on Friday and running through Sunday.  Then on Cyber Monday I will be having a different sale.  I will combine orders for shipping purposes and refund shipping if applicable (if you expect to be ordering on both days PLEASE put a note on your first order to HOLD until Monday or I won’t know to combine them!) but you will NOT be able to combine the two specials. 

Monday’s sale will involve steep, steep discounts, some up to 50% off but I expect inventory will be fairly low by then so if you want to make sure you get something, get it early in the first wave of the sale.  I won’t be able to honor Monday’s sale prices on previous purchases. 

Please also note that Copics cannot legally be discounted on the advertised price any lower than what I currently sell them for so I’d suggest using your coupon code because I cannot mark them down for Monday’s sale.

Thanks for stopping in today.  I know it’s a busy, busy day for so many of you.  The Facebook giveaways will continue this week until Friday so if you have a little bit of time, pop on over there and leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway drawings.


Deb said...

Woohoooo! And, love ya back! Thankful for you!

BonnieRose said...

Congrats.. love you. xo

Laura Pryor said...

Exciting stuff!!!!

carrie said...

Congrats to you!

Denise said...

Congrats girl!!!