Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Father’s Day: Mint Motif style

Oh gosh…I just realized I never posted this Father’s Day card!  Oops!  I’m a little behind I guess!

Well, here it is!  I used Beyond Borders stamped in Palette ink to make the pattern on the left and then tied a sailor’s knot, using this animated tutorial, from white hemp rope and adhered it with some i {stick} papers and then stamped the father’s day greeting from my stash.

Thanks for stopping in today!  Sorry I’ve been a little MIA…the CHA deliveries and ensuing influx of orders have really been sucking my time – and that’s a good thing!  But, it means I’m a bad blogger.   Forgive me?

Have a great weekend! 


Deb said...

Love this, Kate! I thing knots like this are so intriguing, and they look fabulous on cards!

sharon g said...

That's a cool knot. It would go really well with a Wilson Designs stamp set that is a boating theme. Nice. Also, I just saw two of your new stamp sets--I'm afraid that I'm going to become obsessed with your stamps! The bugs and the Halloween stamps are JUST TOO CUTE!!!