Friday, June 29, 2012

NSR: Reflections

Picture 024 (Large)Hello!  A little non stamping post from me today.  Today marks one year that our second dog, BooBoo came into our lives.  (She’s the very scared one on the left here, still on the transport van that brought her from KY to NJ.)  But, as many of you might remember, before we could take her home, she escaped from the van.  Before we could  even put our hands on her, she broke out of her collar and bolted.  We would spend the next 9 days frantically looking for this sweet girl as she was lost and very afraid in the foreign woods of NJ.  Picture 036
For those nine days my world completely stopped turning, doing overnight stakeouts, sleeping about 3-5 hours a night, not working, barely eating - all for a dog I had never actually met.  (I had been following her story and the need for her to be rescued for almost a month on Facebook and we had finally decided to foster her (in the hopes of adopting if our other dog, Mr. Barbo liked her.  Truth be told I was already in love with her before she even came to NJ and each day that passed, I grew more and more worried and fell more and more in love.) 
blaze (Large)We are so incredibly lucky we caught her, thanks in part to lots of volunteers, a lot of people calling from flyers we hung and also to her brother Blaze, seen here.
Now she is my little shadow, her and Barbo adore each other and I can’t imagine life without her.  I guess it’s all part of the cycle of hellos and good-byes.  People, things, animals all come and go in our lives. 

I’ll have some IHP good-byes and hellos over the weekend so please check back!  Thanks for stopping in!

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Annette said...

this is such a sweet is just so true how animals impact our lives. My dog went to doggie heaven yesterday morning...she was only 8 and we are heart broken over our loss.