Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet Mr. Barbo!

Meet Mister Barbo1 As you all are wrapping up your challenge cards for the week, John and I went out and adopted a new dog!  Meet Mr. Barbo!  We named him after something we saw when we were in Vermont a couple of weeks ago.  His original name was Sloppy Joe but that needed to be changed!

So, that’s what going on here.  It was time to fill the void that Bandit left and this new guy is just perfect!  He’s sweet as can be and only about 2 years old.  Once we get to know him a little more I’m sure you’ll hear stories about him. 

Until then, remember you have until midnight Sunday to upload your cards for the Birthday Bash!  Have fun!


Mary said...

Kate he is Beautiful!
Congratulations to the New Mom and Dad!


Megan said...

ACK! He's adorable!! I love puppy wuppies!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Oh Kate...congratulations on your new arrival. He looks so very sweet, and he will soon realize that he has the best mommy & daddy EVER.