Thursday, October 29, 2009

NSR: Nothing crafty today…

barboface I’ve been a bad blogger.  But, how could I go off and stamp with this puppy face staring me down?

I’ve been busy trying to track down Mr. Barbo’s history and today I got in touch with one of the pilots who helped to coordinate his rescue flight on Pilots n Paws.  They’er a non-profit group of volunteers and pilot volunteers who help transport dogs all over the country and relocate them if they can’t find homes where they are, to places where they hopefully can.  My little guy came from Danville, IL to NJ.

Anyway, in corresponding with this pilot (whose parents were visiting my pup while he was in the shelter!) we found out that Mr. Barbo (previously known as Sloppy Joe) was kind of a little famous pooch.  His rescue story got some press coverage here and here and here.  You should watch that last video.  He’s so adorable.  See that, I already sound like a proud Momma.  *grin*

Anyway…I’ll be back tomorrow with a Five Minute Friday card – I promise.  I’ll pull myself away from this little face for a mere five minutes.  That’s the best part about FMF – it only takes five minutes!!!

See you tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!


Crystal said...

That is a sweet story!

Charlene said...

Awww he's so cute!

Lynn Mercurio said...

OMCutness...what a sweet little face. It would be difficult to tear away from a loving look like that!