Friday, November 6, 2009

Five Minute Friday: Dove Holiday Wishes

fmfdove Hello and happy Friday!  If you didn’t see my post yesterday about the fundraiser for Henry Anderson, the little boy of Sarah (from my inaugural design team) who passed away suddenly this week, please, please, please read my post.

I’m starting to think about holiday cards and to build up my stash.  For today’s card I used the dove from the Indian Summer Woolies and a scrap of Shawl lace paper.  I stamped my greeting in Palette Claret and finished the card off with a little white satin ribbon.

I am loving pink this year for my holiday cards.  I am being drawn to it, which is quite a change for me.  Usually I’m a blue/white holiday girl. I may step of out that box this year!

Do you like it?  Thanks for stopping by today and every day.  I’ve especially appreciated your comments of support for Sarah this week both here, on Facebook and on PCP.  Have a great weekend!


Megan said...

Yeah I like it. I love it! It's clean and simple and I love the pink. GREAT card. :)

Mary said...

Very pretty card Kate!

Saw yourpost yesterday and went staight away to get th darling digi image....each time I use it or see it on my desk top I will say a prayer for him. What a wonderful thing you are all doing for his family.
God Bless you!

Sarah said...

That pink dove is super cute and looks so pretty on that card.

IrishGirl said...

I love this card. The felt bird is lovely and the pink Christmas theme is fresh.