Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Bash winners!

(No Five Minute Friday post this week…) 

Note:  Our web host went down a little after midnight so if you tried to order or do the scavenger hunt and had a problem, don’t worry…I will honor all orders and scavenger hunt entries through the weekend.  (We will be moving hosting companies soon…which will require some downtime when it happens but it will be PLANNED.  This host is just giving me too much of a headache lately!)  Moving on…

The Birthday Bash was a huge success, and from what I can tell, everyone who participated had a great time.  Our Facebook page was hopping with activity all three days and we added a lot of new members to our PCP group.  I hope you all stick around even though the Bash is over.  *grin*

First some mushiness.  Thank you to my amazing design teams and my guest designers who participated in the big blog hop.  You all did incredible projects and I am so proud to know you and work with each of you.  A special thanks to my core design team, most of which have been with me since day one.  I’m so honored to call each of one of you my friend, all because I decided to open a little online store to feed my habit and supply my close friends.  It was the best move I ever made. 

A very special thanks to Deb, my wonderfully talented friend and DT challenge coordinator, who worked long and hard to make sure these three Birthday Bash days came together as they needed to and did!  I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.

And to each one of you, my customers, who come back time and time again and who I try to serve as quickly and efficiently and friendly as possible.  Without you, none of this would exist or be possible.  So, thank you.  And please know that my phone line and email is always open for suggestions, questions, recommendations or just to chat.  I need to know what you want or need or wish I carried in order to continue to serve you and make i {heart} papers the place you tell all your friends about! 

Thank you all for making these two years possible and exciting and rewarding and I look forward to many more years of serving you and getting to know you more and more.

And now..what you’ve all been waiting for – the winners!

Day 1:  The Perfect Pair winners are Jeanette (her Perfect Pair is here and Tara (here Perfect Pair is here). 

Day 2:  Kate’s Favorite Sketch challenge winners is Jennifer R.  (You can see her take on the sketch here.) 

Day 3:  Gift card holder challenge winner is Tanya.  You can see her awesome project here

PaperCraftPlanet group member winners:  Ruby Taylor and Jennifer Scull. 

Facebook:  This is me doing my best Oprah impersonation.  There were three giveaway threads this week plus if you posted to our wall, commented, uploaded a picture (prior to 3am Friday EST) or participated in either this or this or this thread, above my ***** entry, then you are the winner of a $5 off your next $10 order coupon.  (Sorry…only one per customer and can’t be applied towards previous orders or combined with any other discount.)  Contact me with “Facebook coupon” in the subject for your code.  That’s a lot of winners…at least count it was over 40.

Newsletter winners (if I didn’t have your name, it’s just the first part of your email address):  Donna Lyons, Holly Osbourne, NYTriplet Mommy & Grandma Lee T. 

And finally, the grand prize winner of the $50 gift certificate is Erika!  Congrats!

Winners please contact me with your address!!  Congrats!

Be sure to stop back on Monday for the announcement of the new Mint Motif design team.  Have a great weekend!


Deb said...

OK! First, pass me a tissue! ;) Big {{hugs}} and congrats and thanks to you, Kate! I love being on your team, treasure our friendship, and love every single one of our girls! What awesome friends! So happy to have met most of you in person.

I must admit I was holding my breath that this birthday party would go well, and I am thrilled! Huge thanks to all our design team members and talented guests!

CONGRATS to ALL our winners! Enjoy your spoils!

Jennifer Scull said...

I am sitting here applauding everyone! Kate you just rock the casbah in my book, baby! you know that, don't ya?! ;)
and Deb, you are phenom fabby, too!

I have spent the last part of this week sicky icky sick, so didn't get to play along the way I wanted to. but my Happy Birthday wishes for i {heart} papers couldn't be any bigger! love everyone soooooo much!

congrats to everyone! :)

Megan said...

I'm so so so glad it was a success! It was a fabulous blog hop and the scavenger hunt was GREAT! I learned a few new things about the team!

Thank you so much for having me on your team! Your products are top notch and it's a pleasure to shop at your store. :)

Erika said...

Kate, Thanks so much. I really had alot of fun. I even did my first ever sketch challenge. Not my greatest work, but was fun :)

And OMG!! Thank you for my prize. I'm so excited!!

Congrats to all the winners!!

Purple Princess said...

Congrats to all the winners!! This was such a fun Birthday Bash!!!

Tanya said...

This was fun! So excited that I won on day 3! Happy Birthday wishes, and congrats winners!

Mary Friederichsen said...

This was a lot of fun Kate! And thank you to Deb for all her hard work as well! I loved doing the gift card holder challenge and participating in the scavenger hunt!
Happy Birthday again! And can't wait until next year's Bash! :)
May you have another year of continued success beyond your wildest dreams!

Disp6194 said...

I just got my facebook prize in the mail AWESOME!!!! I love the stamps and paper pack Thank you so much!!! Happy Birthday I {heart} papers!!!

Ruby Taylor said...

Thanks so much for making me a winner just for belonging to the group. I learn so much here and I am tickled pink {grin}. Love your site and products...again, thank you do much!