Saturday, October 16, 2010

NSR: Forging Foreshadows (15% off IHP coupons available!)


Us crafty people tend to associate with other crafty people…even if their craft isn’t the same as ours.  I am fortunate that my general pool of friends is FILLED with crafty and artistically talented folks and several of them are collaborating on this amazing new cyberfiction anthology and soundtrack.  I thought that some of you may be, or have hubbys or friends who are sci-fi/fantasy/Dungeons & Dragons geeks.  If so, this project is something they’ll want to know about.  I guarantee it.  Just take a minute to look at the list of contributors and you’ll see several well-known authors and musicians.

Anyway, watch the trailer.  I’m trying to help spread the word and make this project happen.  So…anyone who pledges $20 or more and mentions i {heart} papers will be rewarded with a 15% off coupon from me, as a personal thanks.  And, if you can’t pledge, please help spread the word to anyone you know.  It’s a truly unique and revolutionary project and I’d really love to see it happen.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday with the winners of the Mint Motif giveaway from release day!

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