Wednesday, July 6, 2011

NSR: Quick update

Hi all.  I’m being a bad blogger because life is sort of getting in the way.  You know how that goes right?

booboocolor copy For the past week I’ve been consumed with this.  Where Is BooBoo (Dog Lost in NJ).

John and I were supposed to pick up this little girl last Wednesday night to foster her and she escaped right off the transport van from KY at the rescue in NJ.  She’s lost in the woods of NJ, alone and very scared. 

She’s been spotted and we’ve been tracking her whereabouts but it’s been pretty much all consuming.  We’re running on 3-5 hours of sleep a night, doing overnight stakeouts at the kennel facility where she tends to show up at night and hanging flyers all over.  She was last seen in Morristown NJ.   Links to flyers and a map of sightings can be found here.

So, there hasn’t been much of anything else going on.  No stamping, no house cleaning, nothing but looking for poor little BooBoo.

She’s avoiding the humane traps and runs away whenever someone approaches her.  *sigh*  Last night was by far the best night.  We used one of her brothers as “bait” and had him out in the central area where she walked up to him and started trying to play with him.  It was heartbreaking and so amazing to see that reunion.  But, we couldn’t catch her.

Today she seems to have wandered much farther off than ever before and we’re getting increasingly worried that her luck avoiding cars is going to wear off soon.

Please say a prayer or send good vibes and SHARE her FB page:, even if you’re nowhere near NJ.  You never know who on your friends list will know someone who knows someone.  Please.  We are getting desperate to have her safe and with us. 

CHA is in 2 weeks so things may continue to be quiet around here.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Christine from FL said...

I hope you find him. I know what it is like to have a dog run away. 2 years ago our 2 dogs got out of our yard via the canal we live on. The water was so low that they were able to go around our lake. We got no sleep for 1 night worrying about them. After getting up in the morning and searching we found one of them on one side of our development, the other one was no where to be found but we kept on. I went up and down each street calling her to no avail. I had t take the one dog to the vet to have her eye checked out and just on a whim I decided to check the roads on the other side of the lake we live on. I went down this one road to the end and called - no Shi. I stopped by a house where a man was cutting his grass and gave him a flyer with our number on it. I wasnt even going to stop, I really thought there is no way she would be that far from home. I no sooner got down the road and my phone rang, he said Shi just walked up to him after I left. It is funny they knew that we lived on the water and it seems that they went around the primeter of the lake. I know this was a little long winded by I just want to know I feel for you and hope that you find him.

Mary Friederichsen said...

Take all the time you need to Kate to find her!
We will still be here when you do!