Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Operation Julie’s Smile


Many may know that a few weeks ago, Julie Ranae had to have emergency oral surgery resulting in the removal of her two front teeth. The dentist at that time believed the best course of action would be to remove the rest of her teeth and replace them with permanents. (as to avoid *years* of dental work) Relieved at finding a solution to this major dental problem .. she visited the office for dental surgery the week. Unfortunately, it wasn't the visit she was expecting. After the consultation and scheduling the surgery, the surgeon's office informed her that she would need to bring $4000 back to the appointment with her and they would proceed. This amount would not include the dentures to follow.

Here Julie is today, sitting without front teeth that were pulled with the belief that they would be replaced immediately.  It is an overwhelming experience for our dear friend and one that I hope our creative community can help with.

There will be a benefit blog hop called 'Operation Julie's Smile'
that will take place Oct 7-9.  There are a variety of companies (including yours truly!) and design teams who will be participating in this hop to help raise funds for this benefit.

So far, over $1000 in prizes have been made available (including an i {heart} papers gift certificate!) and will be awarded for both participants and those who donate.

Operation Julie's Smile is now asking for designers/teams who would like to be a part  of the benefit hop. 

If you are interested in getting involved in this creative fundraising event, please contact Nicole Rixon at  

The deadline to be a part of the hop is Wednesday, Sept 28th.  Participants will be notified of the blog hop order between Oct 3rd-5th.

This blog hop is an opportunity to have fun, feature your blog and raise money for a friend in need. 

A donation button will be made available to all who participate.

Every little bit helps and each donation that comes in makes it possible for Julie to regain a true smile.

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Julie Ranae said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information Kate...I know it's a crazy busy time for you, but your heart is BIG and I appreciate you sharing yours with me : ))))