Friday, April 10, 2009

Five Minute Friday Jumbo Flower


Happy Friday! Just a quick reminder that the store is closed beginning today for a long Easter weekend. We will not return until Tuesday so orders placed this weekend will not be shipped out until Tuesday. Thanks for your understanding!

A few years ago I bought a HUGE assortment of fabric flowers from QVC. It was my first ever QVC purchase. They have pretty much gone untouched until now. We’re talking years people…years. (I see a few of you grinning in shared guilt of having committed the same offense huh?)

Well, I dug into my stash and pulled out this jumbo white one. It normally has a hole in the center where you’re supposed to put a brad. Bah…who needs brads when you have Flower Soft?!!

I’m in a springy mood and can’t wait until my flowers start popping up. So I grabbed my jar of Sunshine Yellow Flower Soft and out a big ‘ol dab of glue in the center and mooshed the Flower Soft into it. I did this a few times, adding a little more glue in between each layer until it was sufficiently puffy for me.

Then I made a quick background using my Flower Impressability (see this post for the Cuttlebug sandwich I used). Now, a few things about this product.

1. It is very sharp so please be VERY careful. It is very thin metal with lots of intricate details, which means sharp pointy parts and razorblade sharp edges. It is only a matter of time before I slice my finger. I’ll let you know when it happens.

2. After each use, it bows. I run it immediately back through my Bug without cardstock, in the opposite direction to make it flat again. But be careful…once it is curled up, some of the aforementioned pointy parts are reaching out to get you. Refer back to #1.

3. After about 3 uses the *very* little bits of metal that hold the center to the outside rectangle frame are already starting to break away. It’s ok. You don’t really need the rectangle part. It’s just there to give the rest of it something to hold onto. Don’t think yours is defective – the ones at CHA were all popped out of their rectangles. But please be careful because once the rectangle is gone, the edges are exposed and they’re sharp. Refer back to #1.

4. You’ll want to keep it in the packaging. It comes with a pretty sturdy cardboard insert folder thingy so hang onto it. It will keep it from getting damaged and it will keep you from accidentally reaching in to grab something else and slicing your hand open. Refer back to #1.

I finished it off by double stamping Happy Spring in Palette Paris Lights and Noir and then running a small piece of the black and yellow stitched ribbon around the bottom. Wouldn’t that ribbon be totally cute on a bee card? Or how about this black and yellow gingham?

I stuck it all together and tada! Five Minutes! I promise!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!


Ann said...

This is so springy! I love the jumob bloom with the flower soft center, and the colors are perfect!

Meredith said...

so cute!!! love the idea of flower soft in the middle, totally stealing that one ;)
Want to take bets on which of us slices a finger first?? cause I can promise you it will be me :)
Have a wonderful Easter!!! "See" you when you get home!

Carolyn Mustopa said...

Cute! Yeah, I bought those flowers the same time you did, although I've been using some of the smaller ones lately.

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I love this! That big flower is awesome!