Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MASIV project


I know lots of creative people and not just you stamper folks.  Besides stamper and scrapping friends, I have musician friends, actor friends, dancer friends, writer friends, fine art friends, sculptor friends,  quilter/sewer friends and people who do unclassifiable art or a combination of several of the things I listed above. 

One of the people I know does various magazines and other cool collaborative projects.  The most recent one is called MASIV and it is a “giant, collaborative, semi-annual zine.”  Basically you receive an envelope with a word inside and you need to come up with your interpretation of that word, create something and send it back.  The only requirement is that it fits in the envelope supplied to you. 

The word I received was “portrait.”  I have to admit I was completely stumped for what to do for the better part of a month.  I’m a papercrafter, not a painter or artist of the sort that could do a portrait as I defined it.  But, I guess that was part of the challenge – thinking of portrait outside of the frame, so to speak.

So as I was getting ready for a little weekend getaway, I was struck with the idea to create a self-portrait of my silhouettes, created from papers that symbolized pieces of my personality.

So I took my camera, shot some pictures of myself, threw them into Photoshop and created a silhouette template of me to use to cut out my designer papers.


Then I chose some papers that represented parts of me.  I selected Mommy Bird from Upsy Daisy, Floral Garden from GCD, Mousse from Basic Grey, Decor Words from Heidi Grace and Fairy Princess from Stemma.  I should note that these were selected purely for their images/colors/patterns and not for their titles.

I created a little marionette type thingy to dangle them from and used some silver string to attach them.

This sucker was a *ah-hem* pain in the behind to photograph.  First it kept spinning and lighting was disastrous.  It definitely goes in my series of “things that are impossible to photograph” from back around the holidays.

So there you have it.  Another non-traditional project for you!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Don’t forget…there will be news later in the week so check back again then!  Have a great day!












Ann said...

That sounds like such a cool project--it forces you to think outside the box. Love what you came up with!

Julia Aston said...

How creative! you came up with a super idea to represent portrait! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment!

Joan B said...

pretty cool idea and execution!

Cathleen said...

Well, how cool its this!