Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spellbinders Update

I had a card for today but I wasn’t very happy with it so I decided to see if I could salvage it for a post tomorrow.  Sorry!

In the meantime, I spoke with Spellbinders today and was assured that my CHA order was shipping on 3-26, so it should be arriving Thursday or Friday and then all you folks waiting for any of the new goodies will finally get them.  It’s been a long wait for all of us and I thank you for your patience.  I will get those pre-orders out the same day I receive my box from UPS so you should have them in your hot little hands VERY SOON!

Thanks for popping in.  Check in tomorrow.  I’ll either salvage the card I was working on or come up with something else for you!


Ann said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to play with them. :)

Joan B said...

i think spellbinders lies!!