Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yup, the store is down!

As many of you have told me this morning - the store is down!  First Unity's website went down (and is still down!) last week and now me!  What's going on??

Well, here's what's going on, at least in my case.  My server folks had to restart this morning around 5AM.  When they did, something didn't go right and they had to run a scan to make sure everything was good.  In the middle of the scan, about 15 minutes ago, the machine had a hardware failure (probably the reason why it needed to be restarted in the first place!).  They're replaced the failed hardware and are running the scan that checks the integrity of everything.  Unfortunely this scan takes anywhere from 2-5 hours usually, depending on how much data is on the drive.

*sigh*  So, it will be a few more hours before the scan is complete but at least they look like they know what the problem is and hopefully once the scan is complete then that will be the end of it.

I’ll continue to make updates on Facebook so check there for the latest!

Thanks for your patience!  Don’t you LOVE technology sometimes??

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