Friday, January 16, 2015

Liquidation sale coupon increased!

PLEASE NOTE (because we've been asked this A LOT):  You will notice i {stick} papers is no longer available in the store.  I will be selling this product over at my store on Etsy since this is the only item exclusive to us.  That's good news since it is our best selling item and there's always a demand for it.  So you will still be able to purchase our best selling, exclusive tape there!

We've increased the discount to 40% as of today.  Use coupon code BYEIHP at checkout.  Everything in the store is 40% off using this code. As inventory dwindles, the amount of the coupon may change to help move things along.  You receive the discount that is in place at the time of your order, even if the discount amount increases later on in the sale. You will get the best selection early on, so don't wait.  If you wait, items will sell out!

Due to the steep discounts, free shipping is not being offered any longer.  Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

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