Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father’s Day Tie


So this isn’t a spectacular card but my dad will love it.  My dad is a slob.  He knows it, can’t fix it and actually seems quite happy not worrying about cleaning things or not dropping food on himself.  It’s been a source of poking fun at him my whole life.  My mom gets pretty angry about it most of the time (since she usually is the one stuck cleaning up after him!) but I’ve always found it pretty amusing.  Anyway, I took some of my leftover Heidi Grace paper (the same one from the mailbox a few weeks ago) and hand cut a tie from it.  Then I mooshed some Palette Burnt Umber ink splotches on it.  I can’t tell you how many times my dad would go to Friendly’s and drip ice cream on his tie or shirt.  Heh.  So…this is kinda perfect for him.  Finally I used, yes, you guessed it – CHELSEA GREETINGS – to stamp the With Love in Palette Burnt Umber.

He won’t care too much about the card anyway – he’ll be too excited about the Howdy Doody DVDs I got him.  40 episodes!!!  He’s going to have a blast reliving his childhood!

Thanks for popping in to say hi.  See you again on Friday!

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Lynn Mercurio said...

I love this Kate! I can totally relate to the sloppy Dad. My mom used to get so aggravated at my Dad for being a slob...but we loved him just the same. He wasn't about to change...lol

I'm sure your Dad will have a great time watching those Howdy Doody episodes...I'm sure they will bring him hours of fond memories!