Monday, June 1, 2009

Showing the mailman some love


So let me tell you how much I LOVE the Carrier Pickup service that the USPS offers.  I use it almost daily and I usually kind of feel bad as my little old mailman schleps my bags of packages on the rest of his walking route.  Why feel bad?  Well, I can literally see the post office down the street from my front steps but I HATE going to post office.  I LOVE my postal software and print all of my own postage.

Normally I have one or two grocery bags full of shipments from store orders.  But this past Friday I had almost 80 eBay auctions close (I was selling all of my Stampin’ Up! sets) and so Saturday I had 3 grocery bags full of packages.  But, for Monday I have 2 giant BB&B bags.  They are huge.  These two big bags are about 25 pounds of packages and include 3 big flat rate boxes. 


So in an attempt to win back some favor from Ron the Mailman (or at least prevent him from “going postal” on me!!!) I made this little Target mailbox.   I covered it in this Heidi Grace paper and was so pleased to find that the reversible blue/brown ribbon was a really good match for the paper.  I finished it off by stamping the greeting from Chelsea Greetings in Palette Prussian Blue, which was also a great match for the dark blue in the paper.  I’ve got to either find some time to bake some cookies on Monday night or get to the store for some candy to put in here.

Check back later for a SOA wrap-up.  I’ll have our Challenge winner from the event as well as my drawing for my own little prize for my blog reader contributors. 

Thanks for stopping by!!


whoistracy said...

Oh aren't you so thoughtful!?!?! Love this Kate, what a great idea.

Jeff LaSala said...

Hah! That's awesome. Good job. Tell us what kind of a reaction, if any, you get. said...

What a GREAT idea! Spreading the love....LOVE IT!