Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Candy Alert and what I've been up to

So what have I been up to, besides packing some orders, making CHA plans and enjoying vacation? I've been painting and sewing! Yes, I decided over Christmas that my bathroom needed a renovation. It was yellow and rubber ducky themed. It actually never became the cute little ducky oasis I planned, mostly because shortly after making my grand plans for stamping on my walls I realized my walls have an icky texture and stamping on them really just doesn't work. So, the the whole idea half done, I kind of abandoned it. And it stayed like that for the better part of 6 years.

So...I headed out to find a new shower curtain and then knew I'd plan around that. I landed the cutest pink and orange polka dot shower curtain and coordinating accessories, of course! How cute is that?

I picked up 2 shower curtains, knowing that I needed not only the shower curtain but then matchy matchy real curtains.

I came home, grabbed my trusty Benjamin Moore fan deck and picked out the orange in the polka dots and then went a half tone of that and settled on Peach Sorbet. Yummy name AND the perfect color. Off to the hardware store I went.

First the moulding needed a nice coat of white and then a few days later, the walls were all painted.

I dusted off my sewing machine - poor thing must think I hate it - and put it to good use making a valance, two cafe curtains and a curtain for my IKEA cabinet.
And the final result (it's dark out and the lighting in the bathroom is a little weird...the walls match the color swatch and aren't as bright as they appear in the picture)...*drum roll please*

Cute right?? Meredith stopped by to pick up her order today and she approves, although she didn't get to see the curtains. They were still being worked on when she stopped by.

So...that is what I've been doing and why I haven't got any stamping for you.

In other news, Dee posted her blog candy so be sure to pop over there and congratulate her on joining the IHP design team and to leave her a comment for your chance to win!

Have a very enjoyable and safe New Year's Eve tomorrow and I'll see you next year!!


Ann said...

Totally cute! Love the polka dots! :D

Carolyn Mustopa said...

Very cute!!!

Meredith said...

the curtains look totally cute!!!! the perfect addition :)

Loretta said...

That is one HAPPY bathroom!!!