Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm dreaming of...finishing my Christmas cards!

Where has the time gone?!! I have almost all of my elements stamped, Stickled, Shimmerzed and Nestabilitied, Yup, I'm just making words up. Reminds me of the most recent Sarah Silverman episode I watched where she was trying to come up with a new word so that it would catch on as a fad and she'd have some sort of legacy. I don't want new words for that reason, but I want words to describe what I'm doing! I remember when Photoshop became a verb for me. Heh...I was using Photoshop v2 back in college. HAHAHA.

Ok, anyway, I just wanted to check-in and give you a little sneak peek of my cards in progress.

I'm a little irritated because the USPS website for printing postage is down and my mail program pings USPS for me to use I need to trek over to the actual post office today. Well, at least I can pick up my Christmas stamps!

Amber has some blog candy up for the taking so head on over there and try to guess what number is in her head!!

Thanks for stopping in!

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