Sunday, December 14, 2008

Royal Icing recipe

I've had a few requests for my icing recipe from yesterday so here it is:


1lb powdered sugar

5 tablespoons meringue powder

1/4 cup of water + a little extra to get the right consistency

¼ teaspoon glycerin

½ teaspoon clear extract (vanilla, rum, lemon – my favorite!)

Beat together until smooth.

You know you have the right consistency when you lift your beater and the drips and ribbons sit on top of the icing for about 5 seconds before sinking back into the mix.

I then use Gel food coloring to color small amounts placed in ramekins. I love gel dye because it is neater and doesn’t dilute or water down your icing. I find it so much easier to work with.

The other big event from yesterday (as you can tell) is that my tree is finally not naked. We've had it for a week and it's been set up, looking quite pathetic, with no ornaments.

But, staying up until 2am…you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to! Here she is – new crazy topper and all! (The topper used to be Tinkerbell but she was just too heavy and kept trying to off herself by falling off the tree.) Now she is being displayed from an archway (she had to get a noose around her neck to secure her...poor Tink!!!)

The new guy is adorable and totally unique. I love it! Yes, that is a T-Rex hanging from the hooky part. "Old Skool" T-Rex, since his tail is dragging on the ground. This little guy makes an appearance on the tree every year - kind of just because. Don't ask. :)

That's it for today! I'm heading out to visit a friend and maybe do some stocking stuffer shopping.

I also need to pick up something for Bandit. I mean, how could you look at this face and NOT buy him something?

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