Friday, November 14, 2008

I can't call it Sticky Strip CONTEST!!!

So...since I can't call it that, I'm holding a contest to have you name it! It is a MONSTER roll - 60 YARDS of 1/4" super sticky strong red line tape. It is packaged and wound especially for us but is the same material that some cars are held together with. It is heat resistant up to some crazy high temperature because of that. How nuts is that? I don't think we're going to be playing with super high heat on our PAPER projects but that just goes to show you how strong and amazing this stuff is. And, at 22 cents a YARD, it can't be beat.

So...what do you think it should be called? Leave your suggestions here or over on our PCP group. I'll pick a winner on Nov 20 and winner will receive a free roll. I promise, once you try it, you'll be STUCK on it! HAHAHA! I crack myself up!

And, don't forget to check my I QUIT SU! TO OPEN THIS STORE sale. Make me an offer!


Mary said...

I'm honored to be the first participant! How about: Fantabulous Mega Tape!
Whatever you decide to name it, I am sure I will need some!

Lori said...

How about "Jersey Devil Tape". I'm sure NJ people know the old legend of the NJ Devil, for those that don't, hes our version of big foot but mean & red! Perfect name for a roll of big, red, mean sticky strip. Gotta have some of that!!

Michelle said...

Stuck on Red sounds kinda cool. I'd love to give it a try :-)

croppixie said...

How about "Totally Tacky"

Kryssi said...

"Big Red Tape"... "Totally Tacky Tape" ... "Sticky Heart" .. "i {heart} tape/red/sticky"

Patti said...

How about "stick It" ?

Lauren said...

Sticky Stuff? Stuck to it? sticky red?
How about just Sticky or Super Sticky Tape?
SS Tape (Super Sticky Tape)
Oh right I am out of ideas lol

sandyh50 said...

How about Big REd Sticky Tape!

Claudia said...

How about Card Makers Tape?
Stuck To You tape?
Stuck on you tape?
Sticky Craft Tape?
Oh my gosh it's stuck tight tape?

Love your blog,

rbnezmommie said...

How about Mega Monster Tape?, or just Monster Tape,after all it is a monster roll...
Maybe Wickedly Sticky Tape? or
Wacky Tacky Tape?
Stuck-on Tape?
Just-Gotta-have-it! Tape?

Well, those are mine. Looking forward to seeing what you have come up with! It sounds like a must-have!

Swedie said...

Super Stick
Red Super Stick
Red Stuff
Super Red Stuff or Red Super Stuff
Tite Bond
Tite Tack

Everyone has great ideas! It sounds like something I will want.

Catherine said...

Strip o' Stick?
Stick 'n Strip?

This is tougher than it sounds!