Monday, November 24, 2008

More Decor Elements

OK, so before I resigned my SU demonstratorship (*waving hi to all my Stamping Queens!*) I stocked up on a bunch of Decor Elements. As I said before, I wasn't totally hooked on them but boy do they make nice and easy home decor gifts! I guess that's kinda the point huh?

When I showed you the Thanksgiving one, I was complaining how hard it was to photograph. Well...then I met this puppy. How on earth do you photograph mirror?!! Anyone? Oh well. Meet the inside of my light tent.

I am VERY fortunate that I have an "in" at a local frame shop and get really amazing things framed for cost. VERY lucky.

Anyway, I ordered the frame and mirror custom and then just slapped the Decor Elements on there. How perfect and adorable is that green and red? And, it is laquer and shiney. PERFECT.

I have at least 2 more Decor Elements things I am working on for Christmas gifts so you'll have to endure a few more posts from me about it.

But, I do have a BUNCH of IHP posts lined up for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so make sure you stop back then so see what I have up my sleeve. *grin*

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