Sunday, November 23, 2008

New goodies and tutorial!

Hi! Did you see the new goodies?

The new Chocolate Wedding paper is YUMMY! I mean, chocolate and paper - it's a no brainer. You really can't go wrong. The photos don't do it justice but it is this chocolate goldy kinda color with pearl and/or foil accents. YUM!!!

And check this paper out! How awesome would that be for New Year's Eve invitations?! It is black and silver foil. It's AMAZING!

I also received my first shipment of Our Craft Lounge stamps. Seriously, how cute is that dog? Adorable, I say. Oh and I got new colors of the double faced suede ribbon like this one! It's got an amazing texture. You're going to just want to sit and rub it.

Are you all getting ready for Thanksgiving? I am. And I've got some BIG things planned but you'll have to wait and check back to see what all the details are.

And, to wrap up our Design Team's first month of service, Lori and Tracy will be offering some blog candy this week so be sure to stop in on their blogs and see what they've got.

Oh, you're probably wondering what the details are with my little tree eh? Well...start saving those paper towel rolls!! Here are some detailed pictures and some tips.

Well first, I used our very own i {stick} papers double sided sticky tape for ALL my adhesive on this project. The paper is from BG's Wassail collection and is called Tree Lot.

From the bottom up:

The base of this project is a cut apart clear card box, covered with a thin layer of ModgePodge and then dusted with cotton ball white flock for snow. The presents were made with scraps of the Tree Lot paper and tied up with this super sparkly metallic gold string.

Cover your paper towel roll about 1/2 of the way up with trunk colored cardstock. I used PTI's Dark Chocolate.

Then cut one sheet of your Tree Lot paper into 4"x2" pieces and then into triangles, so that they are 4" long at the point and 2" wide at the top. Starting at the bottom of the tree, tape down (using ISP of course!) the top part of each triangle. Remember to leave room for your trunk to show. I started about 4 inches up from the bottom. Tape the pieces around the tube point to point like this:

Then move up about 1-2 inches, depending on how dense you want your tree to be and do another layer, IN BETWEEN the layer you just did so that it would look like this:

Are you still with me? Do this all the way to the top. Remember that you will be curling the pointy tips, so don't leave too much room or your bare paper towel roll will show when you curl them and that would be icky.

I did mine kind of sparse to imitate the tall, skinny bare trees I see in magazines. I used one sheet to make triangles.

As I got close to the top I used some of the scraps to make skinnier triangles that weren't 4" long. At the very top I wrapped a 2" piece of the paper around the top ring to cover the bare tube.

Then, out of my second sheet I made a cone (used a large dinner plate to get the arch).

Cut out the cone and roll and tape it. Depending on how large of a cone you made (and how far down it comes when it sits on the top of the tree) cut out triangles to create the fringe. I did this once it was sitting on the tree because it was easier to see.

I taped down my top but you could leave it removable and use the tube as a gift bag of sorts and fill it with tall skinny things. Biscotti? Sparklers? Pretzel rods? You decide!

Finally I topped my tree with a chipboard star covered in Goldenrod Stickles.

I hope you try your own!

And hey - have you joined the Planet yet? I sure hope so! Come join our group over there. There will be some amazingly cool things happening over there during December and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Thanks for stopping in!


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