Sunday, February 8, 2009

Balance Check (quick post)

I've had a very crafty weekend! I was busy completing a ton of projects, some of which I'll start showing you tomorrow. I know...I'm such a tease. :)

In the meantime I realized that I haven't posted a Balance Check in a while. It was funny because when I was at CHA at least 4 people noticed my necklace and asked if I got it from Lisa - including Emily Giovanni at the SCS Cupcake reception!! She was wearing her own! How cool is that?!!

So, I think I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. This is my studio just a little while ago, after an entire weekend of crafting. If you look carefully you might be able to catch some glimpses of thing drying on the table. The basket on the left is full of things I need to inventory and enter into the store.

I just posted the three new IO sets I showed you the other day on the remember the ones - the cute little bunnies and the cupcake martinis - so if you were waiting for them, they are there!

But, in between all my crafting I did manage to do a little housework (just a tad!) and some other things. I've been really good (if I don't say so myself) about getting cards out in the mail and not just hoarding them so that feels good.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with a project for you!

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whoistracy said...

Oh my gosh, I {heart} your studio!! Love those curtains and look at all the storage. *drool* I think you should give us a tour.