Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blocks aren't just for stamping!

So yes, my computer has clearly recovered from the dreaded "blue screen of death" (as any real Windows user knows all too well).

I spent some time in my studio today finally doing a project that has been on my brain since I returned from CHA.

At CHA I had plans to meet up with Susanna (founder of Papercraft Planet - on the right). We had booked that prior to CHA and it was one of the things I was very much looking forward to.

But then to add to that, while I was waiting for shuttle to the hotel I met my long lost Canadian twin, Sandra (in the middle). OK, we're not really twins but as we started talking, we totally hit it off and we had a frightening number of things in common. We ended up palling around for the rest of the show and it feels as though I've know her forever.

Anyway, the three of us had a lovely dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Disney while we were at CHA and we had a complete blast. We were like old high school friends getting together again. It's amazing the friendships you make through stamping and the internet (and hotel shuttles!). We forced the wait staff to take this picture of us (we were even inadvertantly nicely color coordinated!) at dinner and I've had this project in my head since I got home.

So, I finally made it! How you ask?

Here's how!

First I started with 4x4 acrylic stamping block with NO GRIDLINES (duh) but WITH gripper grooves (we'll get to that later). With the grooves on the top and bottom, I attached my photo to the back of my block. I used ATG although you could also slip it in one of those memorabelia pockets that 3M sells. It's a little disconcerting to put adhesive on the front of your photo but it'll be OK - I promise!

Next I cut apart some of the Blush Velvet Class-a-Peel Scrollwork Border and placed it on the frontside of the block. Then I used some Primas from my stash and a little black brad from the Bittersweet Glazed pack as my center on the scrollwork.

Now we get to why you want the gripper grooves. See, you didn't have to wait so long to find out why!

You'll want to slip your i {stick} papers over your wrist (see this picture) and put a strip all the way around the edge of your block and then wrap 3/8" White Double Faced Satin ribbon all the way around your block.

The groove actually serves two purposes - first it gives a chamber for the ribbon to rest in so it won't slip if you didn't want to use adhesive. Plus, when you stand your block up, it gives it stability for displaying.

Finally, I made the little friendship tag from my small rectangle Nesties and the small scalloped rectangle Nesties (the scallops are on sale now!). The saying is stamped in Palette Toile Pink and is from Many Hearts (also on sale now!). I added a little bling in the corners (because no picture with three women in it is complete without bling) and then also in the centers of the two other Prima flower bunches. I used a small scrap of the white satin ribbon to lay under the tag and because I decided I want to hang this instead of having it stand up on a shelf or desk, I made a little hanger on the back. I just used two strips of i {stick} papers and a short scrap of ribbon to make the hanger.

Voila! Easy! Think of all the possibilities...I'm thinking wedding favors in a smaller size...maybe the 2x3 or 3x4 blocks. I think it would be stunning with a black and white photo.

One thing I want to point out about the Class-a-Peels - they come in different patterns and colors and you can mix and match them. So, for instance, you could take the "fallouts" from the scroll (absent in my sample) and replace them with a coordinating color. I think the black and silver would be gorgeous together. Maybe I'll make up another sample and show you what I'm talking about.

If you've got any questions, post them here!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to be prepping for a doozy of a storm tomorrow so I'll be back next week!

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whoistracy said...

This is so creative! I've wanted to try something like this since I saw Becky Oehlers do it a while back. Love how yours turned out!!

Glad your PC recovered!