Friday, February 20, 2009

Spellbinders Update: Here we go again!

I just received this email from Spellbinders about the shipment of the new dies. Dare I say this seems like a repeat of last CHA where they were woefully unprepared to fill orders that they received??!! And, how dare we expect them to be able to tell us when our orders will ship or what dies will be included? The nerve of us...

Sorry...just a little bitter and tired of the same old story over and over and over.

"We have been overwhelmed by the response you and all our customers have given to our new CHA introductions. Thank you.

We are beginning to ship the new dies this weekend, but demand has greatly exceeded expectations, requiring additional production.
We will be receiving additional production weekly through March. We will be shipping to you in the sequence in which your order was received. All orders will be filled by the end of March with the greatest number of orders being filled during the 3rd week of March.

Because the production will be arriving in stages and the number of orders is so great, it will be impossible to tell you exactly when your shipment will be sent or what dies will be included.

We know you have customers waiting for the product … that is really exciting… and we know you would like to be able to tell them when to expect their orders. The information we suggest you give them is that orders will be filled by the end of March.

We appreciate your efforts you to sell and create excitement for our lines. We assure you that we will do everything possible to get the new products to you as quickly as possible."

So there you have it. I know many of you are waiting for pre-ordered dies and I will get them to you as quickly as I get them. I apologize for any delay, but clearly it is out of my hands.

The good news is that I ordered on the first day of the show so with any luck I *should* be in the first batches to get out. *fingers crossed*

I can only hope that there are no quality issues like there were with the Pierceabilities.

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