Monday, February 9, 2009

SEI Lovebirds Frame

I {heart} the Target $1 spot. But, all too often I stock up on items to alter and then don't get to them for years. Literally. This is one such case.

A few years back I picked up a few 10"x10" frames. They were available in two colors and were nearly a perfect match for Purely Pomegranate and Taken With Teal. I think I got two of each. Fast forward a few years and here I am finally using one of them!

The mirror part is removable so I popped it out and then I covered the frame part with my sample of Forget Me Not (that I picked up at CHA) from the new SEI Lovebirds collection. It is a shimmer paper (not cardstock weight) is a a gorgeous shimmery light blue with little shimmery white flowers all over it. BEAUTIFUL. This picture does NOT do the paper justice. I covered it with the same method as I used to cover my foamcore frames that I did the tutorial on here.

Of course I used our very own redline adhesive, i {stick} papers to hold everything together. [Store note: our vendor lowered our cost on this and since we JUST got a new shipment in, I've lowered the price for our current inventory. That gets you a 60 YARD roll of redline tape for 21 CENTS a yard. Seriously folks, does it get any better?]

Next I took some of our new Venise Lace trim and framed the opening. I printed off the saying "Now, you see why we're friends!" (it's a mirror...get it??) on a strip of vellum and decorated the edge with a few little accent pearls. I made a little bouquet of pink roses in a white clay pot as a focal point in the corner, and to help anchor the vellum strip. I added a little string of the pearls on the vase to tie it all together.

A few more strips of i {stick} papers to the back of the vase to hold it in place (and clearly it sticks many other things) and I was done!

And this concludes yet another installment of my continuing series of difficult items to photograph!

Thanks for stopping by! I may not be back until Friday. I've got some big news on Friday and a super busy week leading up to it, so be sure to stop in then!


Cathleen said...

Kate, This is awesome, you are so good at altering things! Got your card today a my happy prize! I love that card and it is even better in real life!

Sandra Dee @ Crafty Designs said...
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Sandra Dee @ Crafty Designs said...

you are so super talented! I will expecting this mirror in the mail ya ~ miss ya!