Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quickie post

I got the big 'ol box of CHA goodies that I mailed home to myself last night. Yes, all 50 pounds of it. I {heart} Brown. My UPS guy is AWESOME.

Anyway - catalogs, order forms and MEGA SAMPLES including one sheet of EVERYTHING that Basic Grey released at CHA was carefully packed into that box and NOW I have it. YAHOO! I also have SEI samples and some other really yummy things. So, hopefully later today I'll grab a few minutes and come up with some teasers for you with new products. Of course they haven't shipped yet but I can tease you and get your saliva glands going, right? Just try not to drool on my paper, OK?

If I can figure it out I might do a little video to show you how awesome the glitter paper I found is. Really, it's that awesome. You NEED to see that you can literally scratch it and the glitter does NOT flake off. It's amazing and I can't figure out how they did it.

But that might take me a few days.

See you later - I hope!

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whoistracy said...

Ohhh I thought you were going to say you got your first shipment in today!! Can't wait for the peeks. I'm soooo antsy about these CHA releases. They never seem to ship fast enough for me. LOL