Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glitter cardstock

OK, so as promised here is a short little video of me introducing you to the AMAZING glitter paper I found at CHA. Enjoy!

I also received my first CHA box today! I ordered some yummy new ribbons and LACE and some crocheted flowers and other goodies from a new ribbon company I found. So, I'll be adding those to the store a little later. YAY! Keep those CHA boxes coming!!

1 comment:

whoistracy said...

Oh how cute was that?!?!? You with your french manicure scraping that cardstock. You seriously would NOT want to see me try to do that because I would probably scratch through the paper with my nails. LOL I need a manicure badly.

Loved the video- can't wait for more in the future!! Next time with you in them. ;o)