Monday, February 23, 2009

Stationery Altered Box Gift

What's in this little recycled altered tin, you ask? Why it's a birthday present for my friend, of course!

I've give you the details and then a little photo montage below.

I started with a plain tin that I saved eons ago, knowing that I would eventually do something with it. Problem was, it was a little dented and needed to be covered. And it was about 1/4" too short to be able to fit in cards and a little tin that I wanted to use inside. *sigh* So, I needed to get creative.

Of course I used i {stick} papers for all of my adhering and when you see the pictures below, you'll see how I like to wear my roll when I'm working on projects. My arm makes a built in dispenser! It's actually pretty nifty because I've always had issues with the smaller rolls doing long lengths and not having it either bunch up or land where I didn't want it to.

I used SEI's Bonbonier paper (both the foil side and the flat, smaller scale side) for this project. It took almost 4 sheets for the whole thing. The 3/8" solid silver metallic is a dead on match for the metallic foil in the paper so I was quite pleased with that!

Because the tin was a little shorter than I liked I decided to raise up the little tin I was going to use inside. So, I took a piece of lightweight cardboard and made a little corner stand for it, adhering it to the sides with i {stick} papers. This enabled the envelopes and notecards to slip underneath.

I attached the tin with a Velcro dot so it would stay in place. I set it off the side a bit though so it can either stay in place and the lid can come off or the whole tin can be pulled off. People like options, right?

I covered the outside of the lid, the inside of the lid and the bottom of the tin so it looked all nice and finished.

I used little strips of the paper to pull in the design onto the notecards and then also covered the flaps of the envelopes with the foil side so they are pretty too! One little trick for doing this - put your adhesive on the envelope, then with the crease side against your table, line up your piece that you're lining with and then lay it flat. This will ensure the DP doesn't overhang the envelope flap crease. Clear as mud? See the'll probably help!

My last little step was using my small circle scalloped Nesties to make envelope seals. I ran them through my Xyron and then cut them so they fit in the little tin inside the box. Cute eh? I borrowed that idea from Taylor in a post she did a looonnng time ago.

So there you have it. If you have any questions, post them here and I'll be sure to answer them!

Here are the pictures! Click for a larger view.

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whoistracy said...

This is adorable! Mary will love this!!

Ann said...

I love this! That paper is awesome!

{pam} said...

how totally cool is this?!?!?!? mary is a very lucky girl to have such an awesome friend like you!!! oh . . . lovin' that paper too . . . gotta go get me some! :-)