Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CHA - Day Three

Day Three! Phew....good thing Starbucks is in my hotel! *grin*

Today Tracy is covering for me. Covering for me is helping assuage her jealousy for not being able to actually be at CHA - at least that is what she tells me. :)

So...hop on over there and check out my news and sneak peaks. And, while you're there you should click on her Etsy shop. Not only is she a fabulously talented papercrafter but she makes the most beautiful earrings. It almost makes me want to re-pierce my ears!

There are a ton of people here at CHA. It's pretty overwhelming. And that doesn't even include all the to die for new goodies!!!

I'm so NOT a sticker person but Mrs. Grossman's Stickers got Duff, from Charm City Cakes (LOVE HIM) to make a cake for them and they designed a line of stickers inspired by it. How cool is that?

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whoistracy said...

Oh you are too sweet Kate! I've been busy with all of those super photos you sent my way!! I'm glad I didn't go because otherwise I would have been kicked out of the booths for drooling on things! LOL