Friday, January 9, 2009

Five Minute Friday #2!

Yes, another card that only took me five minutes! How awesome is that? Five Minute Friday...hmm...maybe I should make a serial from that. What do you think? Every Friday a card that you make in 5 minutes? Thoughts? Ok, while you're think about that I'll go on.

I'm back to using my favorite faux suede - this time in light pink. It is a perfect match for SU! Pink Pirouette and my Palette Toile Pink ink. So it was pretty much a no brainer.

I love, love love these Card Company vases and wired flowers. Admittedly they are too chunky to mail without a padded envelope but they are so simple and elegant. I love them. Can you tell?

This card is so simple. Pink Pirouette base with a layer of white with the very bottom edge cut and embossed with my Petite Deckled Scalloped Borderabilities. (Psst...they're on sale too!) The rest is pretty obvious I think. The Love Always sentiment is stamped with the Palette Toile Pink and is from the same All Occasions Messages set I used yesterday.

The roses are stuck to the vase with a glue dot and then the dot is on a pop dot. You kind of have to use a pop dot because the wire stems are a little bulky and even if you hammer them flat, the vase still doesn't want to lay flat. So, reserve these for hand delivering or just use a padded envie.

And, look what got delivered today! Lucky me!! Isn't it gorgeous? You really need to check out her stuff. It is gorgeous and all hand hammered. And, if you're interested in getting something, let me know. That little card in the picture is a pass it on to a friend coupon for 10% off!

OK...that's it for tonight. Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Oma said...

Very pretty card. I like cards that are simple to make without a lot of embellishments.

Love the necklace as well. I used to work as a teller at a Credit Union and we had to balance our cash each night. Hubby would ask me when I came home if I was "balanced" but he meant mentally, and if I said yes, he would jokingly say, "Well I'm glad you're not unbalanced!"

Ann said...

Just beautiful! I love the simplicity, and that vase is too cool.

Cathleen said...

This is so pretty, love the Card Co. stuff! Every time I try to make a five minute card it takes me three hours!

Ann said...

I have an award on my blog for you. Stop by when you get a chance... :)