Monday, January 26, 2009

CHA - Day Two

Day two...I'm ready!!! My feet are killing me!

Last night I had a lovely dinner with Susanna and my new friend Sandy. Susanna is the founder and brains behind Papercraft Planet. It was so wonderful to finally meet her face to face after months of emailing and chatting online. Have you joined my PCP group yet? If not, you really want to. Trust me. I sometimes offer coupons for our group members over there that nobody else has access to. But, that's only one reason to join. It's a great place to network and chat. There's always someone around there to "talk" to.

Today, for my CHA coverage, I've got Loretta covering for me. I'm not really quite sure how between homeschooling her FOUR kids and fostering 3 dogs (in addition to two of her own!!!) that she has any time left to herself to craft, let alone blog or ANYTHING else but she volunteered! So...she's covering for me today. I hope her Superwoman cape doesn't get caught in the keyboard! :)

Make sure you pop over there and check out all the pictures and news I'm sending her throughout the day.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lrerg said...

Thanks for introducing us to Loretta. She's got a beautiful explosion box project on her blog, as well as plenty of other goodies!

Loretta said...

It's up, babe!!!!!!! Bring it on - this superwoman rocks!